Pearl Zhang

Pearl Zhang is a 19-year-old freelance animator from Canberra, currently based in Denmark. Her interests include making comedic cartoons, writing live-action sketches, looking up pictures of dogs and listening to Nintendo soundtracks.

She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Animation at The Animation Workshop @ VIA University, Denmark. She has worked for many clients, from popular internet series (Game Grumps, Eddsworld) to UK and Danish television (UK Channel 4 Mashed, Comedy Central Denmark).

Pearl is passionate about making content and films that include more people of colour, as western media tends to forget about them.

Selected works

‘Shit Demons’, 2014–present, short webseries

‘Croc Amok!’, 2014 collaborative class film, co-writer 

‘Skeff's Saturday’, 2014 collaborative film with friends 

‘The Obmit’, 2014 mockumentary sketch, co-writer 

‘What Are The Odds?‘, 2015 sketch, co-writer