Creatrix Tiara

I'm Creatrix Tiara. My life philosophy is to sign up for anything that looks interesting – mostly leading to writing, performing, producing, researching, presenting, volunteering, managing, and working with various projects and organisations on topics as diverse as intersectionality, arts & tech, media, race, gender, creative sexuality, LGBTQ issues, alternative education, and fandom.

Among other things, I have debunked Ello's privacy manifesto, proposed a viral headcanon about Beauxbatons as a Muslim-run school, created provocative anti-racist burlesque, fact-checked MH370 misinformation, researched pop culture pagans, advocated for youth empowerment, made a popular quip about 'the bastard child of Paris Hilton and Voldemort' at Slutwalk, got to the bottom of the mystery of butter cookie tins and sewing kits, pointed out that Donald Trump's views aren't particularly novel and that changing how names are displayed doesn't need to be hard, explored the willingness to pay for porn and much more. I am also active on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Metafilter, and all over the web.

Selected works

Portfolio – Contently

Portfolio – Medium