Marziya Mohammedali

Marziya Mohammedali is a wordsmith, photographer, designer and artist; working for social justice through multidisciplinary creative practices. She has written for The New Inquiry, Awaaz magazine and Kwani?, and was a contributor and curator of the Koroga Project in poetography. She is currently the Creative Director of Jalada, a Pan-African writer’s collective and publication.

Selected works


(Originally published in Koroga IV)

you taught me to pray, the words
an offering to the Divine: a God

who kept you safe when we couldn’t –
now I speak: a different language;

I take your prayers, fashion them
into riddles: questions on faith,

but I seem faithless to holy men.
I am shot through with doubt,

racked with guilt. I take my last
touch, of fingertips to your cold skin;

your hair catches; I drop your shroud.
I clasp my trembling palms and weep.

I pray.


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