Melanie Cheng

Melanie is a writer, mum and general practitioner. She grew up in Hong Kong but now calls Melbourne home. She writes in ten minute bursts between chopping veggies, folding washing and watching Disney's Frozen. Her writing has appeared in OverlandGriffith REVIEW, Visible Ink, Peril and is forthcoming in Sleepers Almanac. She is currently working on a short story collection. One day she hopes to have the strength and stamina to write a novel.

Her areas of interest include motherhood, medicine, mental health, multiculturalism and people who don't necessarily fit into mainstream Australia.

Selected works


‘Things That Grow’, Sleepers Almanac X, Sleepers Publishing, forthcoming October 2015

‘The Honeymoon’, Forty South Short Story Anthology, Forty South Publishing, September 2015

‘Ticket-holder number 5’, Griffith REVIEW Edition 45: The Way We Work, Text Publishing, July 2014 

‘Crazy Diamonds’, Visible Ink 26: Encounters, Visible Ink, 2014


‘Duties of Care’,, O L Society Ltd, July 2015

‘Poor prognosis: the future of Medicare’,, O L Society Ltd, January 2015 

‘By any other name’, LEAP+ Magazine of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators, May 2015 

‘Pure Lotus’, PERIL Edition 16: Binaries, Peril Magazine Inc, November 2013 and re-published at as part of their D-Writers China Project