This survey will take you through all of the steps to register to the limited-distribution and/or public DWOA lists. Information entered here will be available to either a limited audience or to the public; if you would prefer your details to remain private, please use this form instead.

Should I register?

Registration to any of the DWOA lists has only two conditions:

  1. You are from, were raised in or are are living in Australia.
  2. You identify as at least one of the following:
    • An Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander writer
    • A writer of colour
    • A writer who is part of the LGBTQI community
    • A writer with a disability

What is a person of colour?


It is a solidarity definition: a commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed [people] who have been minoritised.

Loretta Ross

The term 'person of colour' (or woman of colour, or writer of colour, etc.) is a term used to describe a person who is not white. The phrase in its current form has its roots in the racial justice activism of 1970s America, and is considered a preferable alternative for terms like non-white or minority, which respectively define people by what they are not or carry connotations of inferiority. The term has become more common in Australia in recent years, and while it may not be completely perfect in an Australian context, it is so far the most adequate umbrella term in common usage today.

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What next?

Once you submit your registration form, your information will be proofread and formatted manually. This means that there is a delay between your submission and the posting of your public profile. This is usually no more than 24 hours, but if there is a large number of entries in the processing queue the delay may be longer.