DWOA maintains three lists of Australian writers: a private database, a limited-distribution list and an online database available to the public. Here you can register to one or more of these lists, depending on the level of privacy you desire.

Registration for the limited-distribution DWOA list is currently open. The deadline for registration to this list only is June 30, 2016. Registration to the private database and the public list is open year-round.

Private database 

Every writer who registers with DWOA adds their name to a private list that will help us monitor and analyse the demographics of Australian publications. If you only opt in to the private database, your information will not be shared or used outside of DWOA.

Limited-distribution list

If you choose to opt in to the limited-distribution list, your name, profile and contact details will be distributed in PDF form to publishers and arts organisations, but will not appear on the DWOA website. This list is only updated periodically and has registration deadlines.

Public DWOA list

If you opt in to the public DWOA list, you will be added to the private database, the limited-distribution list and the DWOA website. Your online profile can be updated at any time, and can be seen by anyone. This option has the greatest reach.

DWOA takes its writers' privacy seriously; we will not release your information without your consent. Our service is free and always will be.

If you're not sure what to include in your profile, we recommend reading some of the public profiles already online.

Register to the private DWOA databaseRegister to the public and limited-distribution DWOA lists

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